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AP-AC0001 Anti Static Brush

Product Description
Product Description

◆ Products features:

1、 Bar sharp, Horizontal type, passive carbon brush static eliminator.

2、 With excellent conductivity similar as conductor.

3、 Physical soft, will not scratch the contact material, can effectively and effectively eliminate static electricity.

4、 The brush has acid, alkali, oxidation resistance, high temperature, low temperature ect advantages;

5、 Long-term soaking in toluene, butanone and other dissolved without changing characteristics.

6、 No fear of fire, after fire will not change performance.

7、 No power, no electric shock, no harmful rays, No environment pollution..

8、  Brush is carbon fiber weaving type, not easy on fur shedding and contaminated by the discharged objects.

9、 The special bar-shaped slot, simple structure, small size, light weight, Movable bolts, easy installation and maintenance.


◆ Application:

Widely used in plastic,film,printing and textile industries.


◆ Specification:

Model No.                 AP-AC0001

Working temperature:        0°C - 50°C

Electroconductivity:         ≤ 1Ω·M

Ground cable :              2.5mcustomize as request

      Length                    500mm(addition usd 1.1 per 100mm)


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