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Which electronics industry processes produce electrostatic hazards?
The entire process of electronic components from production to use will generate static electricity, which can be divided into:1. Electronic component manufact...
Electrostatic solution for electronic components
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a well-known electromagnetic compatibility problem that can cause electronic equipment to malfunction or damage it. When semiconductor devices are placed alone or installed in circuit modules, they can cause permanent damage to these devices even when they are not powered on. Electrostatic discharge sensitive components are called electrostatic discharge sensitive devices (ESDS).
LED products needs anti-static
LED products currently have a very broad market prospect, especially in the field of lighting. If the LED light source can be widely used in the field of lighting, it will be a revolution in the history of human lighting. However, due to technical and other factors, it cannot be widely promoted at present. There are many LED products currently used in the field of lighting, such as LED lawn lights, LED guardrail lights, LED underwater lights, LED spotlights, LED underground lights, and so on.
What forms of static electricity can damage electronic products?
The basic physical characteristics of static electricity are: attraction or repulsion, there is a potential difference with the ground, and a discharge current...
The role of ESD management system and its importance
The role of ESD management system is very important. Establishing a successful ESD management system is the key to reducing ESD damage of sensitive devices....
Qualified grounding is the most important ESD control measure in a factor
Qualified grounding is the most important ESD control measure for a plant. However, we cannot take it for granted that grounding is good. The ground wires may ...
Terms related to electrostatic grounding
1) GroundThe potential of any point is conventionally taken to be ground or conductive material. 2) GroundElectrically connected to objects that can provide or...
What is the effect of static electricity on the human?
In the dry spring, when you take off sweaters, wool or nylon, polyester chemical fiber clothes, and pull up the quilt cover from the bed, you will hear a "...
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