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AP-AB1228 High Speed Intelligent Self-balancing Ion Bar

Product Features
Product Details
Product Features

Discharge speed is two times compare to traditional ion bar

②Discharge part easy to replace

③Standard tungsten alloy needle

Network Monitoring

Intelligent remote control

Product Details
Model AP-AB1228
Input voltage DC 24V
Input Current < 600mA
Power 10W
Output voltage ±5000V-±6500V
Ion emission Pulse AC
Emitter electrode Tungsten alloy
Discharge structure Resistance coupling
Output frequency 5,10,30,55,105Hz; (factory setting: 55Hz)
Duty factor 5%—95%
Discharge range L*W*H:{275-2975(Needle spacing 50mm)}*300*1000mm
Installation distance 100→1000mm
Ion balance ≤|±30V|(AVG)
Discharge speed ≤2S
Condition monitoring RS485 communication (can be connected in series for network monitoring)
Air pressure ≤0.6MPa
Compressed air connector Φ8-G1/8 grey
Media used Clean compressed air
Working temperature 0℃-50℃
Working humidity < 70%
Dimensions L*W*H:{275-2975(Needle spacing 50mm)}*36*68.2mm
Bar material Flame retardant PVC,ABS,SUS,W
Packaging accessories 180°rotatable mounting angle
Power supply    GRT-240200: DC24V 2A, dual network port output, 123*61*40.5mm (L*W*H)
Power cord 2.5m
Warranty  1year
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