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AP-DB1213 Space Ion Bar

Product Description
Product Description





Product description

AP-DB1213 space ion bar is a static elimination device developed by Anping to eliminate static electricity in clean space.

The AP-DB1213 space ion bar uses a DC high-voltage power supply and a special alloy electrode. Positive and negative DC high-voltage are applied to the positive and negative coupling electrode needles alternately to generate a corona discharge. Air ions neutralize the electrostatic charge existing in the space to achieve the purpose of efficiently and reliably maintaining the electrostatic balance in the space.

Product Features

1. Unique discharge structure design for eliminating static electricity in space.

2. The output ratio of positive and negative ions is adjustable for adjusting the ion balance. 

3. The output frequency of positive and negative ions is adjustable, which is suitable for different power consumption distances to achieve faster power consumption. 

4. Sound and light alarm when high voltage is abnormal.

5. Ion output characteristics can be adjusted by remote control.

6, with anti-shock function to prevent electric shock injury to the human body.

7. Passed CE certification, which can effectively prevent external electromagnetic interference from affecting the normal operation of the ion rod.

8. With electromagnetic protection function, it will not cause electromagnetic interference to other equipment, making it unable to work normally.

9, the product contains 7 length specifications, to meet the requirements of different ionization ranges, saving the number of adapter power and ion rod installation and workload.

10. The product can be connected in series at the beginning and end to simplify wiring. Each adapter power supply can load up to 8 space bars.


 Industry applications

Can be widely used in electronics, semiconductor, photoelectric and other industries


 Performance parameter



Input voltage

DC 24V

Input Current




Working Voltage


Ion emission

Pulse DC or steady-state DC

(transmission mode can be switched by remote control)

Transmitting electrode


Output frequency

(Factory setting: 0.05Hz, parameters can be adjusted by remote control)

Duty factor

10%—90%(Parameter can be adjusted by remote control)

Ozone thickness

0.1ppm(50mm from the emitter)

Alarm indication

Power network port indicator, high voltage alarm indicator

(green works normally, red high voltage is abnormal)

Working temperature    


Working humidity



L*W*H{75011501550…→3150(Pitch between 200mm)}*35*63.5mm

Bar material

Flame retardant PVCABS

Installation accessories

180 ° rotation mounting angle

Adapted power

GRT-240200DC24V 2ADual network port output123*61*40.5mmL*W*H

Power cable






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