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When choosing an ionizing air blower, avoid these four misunderstandings

 With the development of industrial technology and the improvement of product technology, the control of static electricity in production is becoming stricter. The ionizing air blower is one of the indispensable static elimination equipment and the most common ionization equipment. Especially related industries in the semiconductor, panel and 3C industries. However, there are many manufacturers of ion fans, imported and local, high-end and low-end, intelligent and manual, DC and AC, and so on, so many people will enter a misunderstanding of ion fan selection, factories When purchasing an ion fan, the following four points can be used as a reference to prevent you from being fooled by purchasing an inappropriate ionizing air blower.

Misunderstanding 1

Ionizing air blower is a cutting-edge high voltage discharge module, which is the same for any manufacturer.
Many factories may make this mistake in purchasing. Of course, this can not be blamed. After all, the ion fan is only a negligible amount in some factories, and the procurement cost occupied can be ignored. In addition, the buyer is not a technician. The fans are all the same, no difference. In fact, otherwise, just as someone thought that a mobile phone assembly factory can only make a finished machine by buying all the accessories such as screens, flexible boards, cameras, housings, batteries, antennas, etc. There are still many doorways for ion fans, different The brand differences are still very big, such as how much high voltage is needed to allow the tip to discharge, how much positive and negative ions can be guaranteed to not be reversely charged, whether the ion balance can be controlled within ± 10V, etc., not all manufacturers can do it. These ones.
Misunderstanding 2
Ionizing air blower are consumables. Anyway, you need to change them and buy cheap ones.
Some factories directly position ion fans as anti-static consumables, and change them every six months or a year. At the same time, the procurement cost is controlled very low. The cheaper the more, they like it. In fact, it has entered an endless cycle. There is no compression cost for more frequent replacements. Strictly speaking, the ion fan cannot be regarded as a consumable. It is a small supporting device. Its service life is determined by the site environment and frequency of use and the quality of the ion fan. The environment and frequency cannot be changed. The quality of the ion fan is very important. . Ion blower core components discharge needles are steel needles, tungsten needles, silicon needles, steel needles have the lowest cost of a penny, followed by tungsten alloy needles, silicon needles have the highest price, and the most cost-effective is tungsten needles; there is also a component It is a high-voltage module. The cost of an ordinary transformer is only ten yuan. Another type is a single piezoelectric ceramic iron oxide. It has good high-voltage stability. The cost ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan. Now it is better to upgrade to dual piezoelectric ceramics. The manufacturers are mainland KESD and Japanese SSD. Good quality and long service life will certainly be long, of course, the price will be higher.
Misunderstanding 3
Ionizing air blower do not require maintenance and inspection.
This is a common problem of many domestic enterprises. I feel that the ion fan is only used in the audit of its customers, regardless of its quality, or even a fan that only blows air. This is an extremely irresponsible approach. The purpose of the ion fan is to prevent the occurrence of electrostatic discharge. Although the effect of static electricity on the product is not visible to the naked eye, it is not necessarily affected, so it is easy to ignore, but once ESD occurs, the defective rate of the product will increase or even exist Higher quality risks are more than worth it. Moreover, the ion fan needs regular maintenance. Because the ionization equipment tip discharges for a long time, oxidative adsorption dust will appear, the ion release will decrease, and the effect of removing static electricity will be greatly reduced. However, there are now maintenance-free and maintenance-free ion fans on the market. Free to set cleaning time. Ion blowers are generally inspected monthly or quarterly, depending on the conditions of the factory, so as to ensure the effectiveness of use.
Misunderstanding 4
Only imported ionizing air blower can meet high static elimination requirements. Domestically produced are low-end products.
It may be that China's industrial level has not reached the same level as that of the United States, Japan, and South Korea. After all, we still have to start decades later, but some brands of ionizing air blowers can still compete with imported ones, but most domestic manufacturers still All stay at the low-end machine level. Japan's Kearns should be the leader of this industry, SMICO, SSD and Zen are close behind. Domestic Anping static electricity cost-effective is comparable to imported.
In addition to the price and quality of the krypton ion fan when buying, it is also necessary to pay attention to the after-sales service. The imported products may be of good quality, but the supporting services may not be able to keep up. Such equipment requires manufacturers to arrange at least two on-site inspections by technicians every year because the ion fan is abnormal and the production line is shut down Will cause great waste and reduce production. Therefore, the ion fan must be carefully considered in the selection, identify the misunderstanding and find the best cooperative brand.
If you have static problems, Anping Static can provide you with a complete set of static diagnosis + elimination proposals.
1, first help you determine where there is static electricity, or the amount of static electricity at a specified location
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4. Propose reasonable suggestions for using and installing static eliminator
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