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[Invitation] On Nov.13th, 2019 China International High-tech Achievements Fair


2019 China International High-tech Achievements  

Exhibition Hall: Photoelectric Exhibition (Building 3)

Booth No.: 3D12

- China Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center -


2019 China International High-tech Achievements Fair integrates results trading, product display, high-level forum, project investment, cooperation and exchange, focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, photoelectric display, new materials, new energy Advanced technologies and products in the field of automobiles.

Anping Static participated in the Shenzhen High-Tech Fair, mainly providing electrostatic control solutions for electronics and optoelectronics enterprises. At that time, Anping will demonstrate a closed-loop electrostatic monitoring and elimination system, showing how to achieve static electricity in automation and unmanned production. Control and real-time monitoring?
If you have static problems, Anping Static can provide you with a complete set of static diagnosis + elimination proposals.

1. first help you to determine where there is static electricity, or specify the amount of static electricity in the location

2. Select the appropriate product test according to your production process, equipment space structure, static elimination range, and static elimination requirements.

3. After the diagnosis and testing, submit a complete static electricity report

4. Proposing reasonable suggestions for using and installing static eliminators

5,.to provide you with detailed static training and lectures