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New product launch, AP-AB1113 anti-shock AC ion bar, Fast discharge


AP-AB1113 anti-shock AC ion bar is a rod type static elimination device developed by AP&T to eliminate static electricity on the surface of objects. The utility model adopts the power frequency AC high voltage, acts on the special transmitting electrode through the impedance coupling device, ionizes the air molecules, generates positive and negative ions, and delivers to the surface of the static elimination object, neutralizes the positive and negative electrostatic charges, and achieves the purpose of efficiently and reliably eliminating static electricity. 

Widely used in film, printing, plastics, textile and other industries.

Anping Static has introduced a new anti-shock AC ion bar, which has lower power loss, higher voltage resistance performance, higher power-off performance and longer life than similar ion bars.

Characteristics (AP-AB1113 anti-shock AC ion bar):

It is a rod type, horizontally placed active static eliminator.

The stick is small and saves installation space.

High voltage, micro current (μA level) operating state.

Fast power-off capability.

Tungsten electrode, long-term ionization capability.

It has anti-shock function to avoid accidental touch caused by human body.

Special strip-shaped notches on the back of the rod, the mounting bolts can be moved.

Matching the power of AP-1113 AC ion bar---AP-AY1504/2504 power frequency AC high voltage power supply

AP-AY1504/2504 power frequency AC high voltage power supply is one of the latest high voltage power supply products for static eliminator developed by AP&T. It is used to control the static electricity on the surface of the target to achieve static electricity to the discharged object. A power frequency AC high voltage power supply designed for safety protection purposes. It is a dedicated configuration power supply for Anping's AC ion bar products. Higher withstand voltage insulation, higher heat dissipation and longer service life.

Features (AP-AY1504/2504 power frequency AC high voltage power supply)

It has energy storage components to ensure stable output power.

High voltage, micro current operation.

Plug-in interface, easy to operate and install.

Thermal silica gel potting, insulation performance is not affected by external moisture, dust, safe and reliable.

Innovation has always been an inexhaustible driving force for Anping's continued development in the field of anti-static. Over the past 20 years, I have spared no effort in R&D to make Anping Static a well-known electrostatic solution supplier in China.

Faster power-saving, smarter and more durable, easier operation, and more reliable control are the key points for Anping Static's continuous breakthrough.

If you have static problems, Anping Static can provide you with a complete set of static diagnosis + elimination proposals.

1. first help you to determine where there is static electricity, or specify the amount of static electricity in the location

2. Select the appropriate product test according to your production process, equipment space structure, static elimination range, and static elimination requirements.

3. After the diagnosis and testing, submit a complete static electricity report

4. Proposing reasonable suggestions for using and installing static eliminators

5. to provide you with detailed static training and lectures.