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ASGA & CSGIA 2019 Screen Printing & Digital Printing China 2019 Textile Printing China 2019

 ASGA & CSGIA 2019
Screen Printing & Digital Printing China 2019
Textile Printing China 2019

The most influential professional exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, after 32 years of brand exhibition 30,000 square meters, over 500 domestic and foreign brand exhibitors
Time: October 30-November 1st, 2019
Venue: N1-N2, Shanghai New International Expo Center

This exhibition is the world's third largest exhibition of screen printing, textile printing and digital printing industry technology equipment, enjoying the reputation of the industry's "Asia's largest exhibition". The exhibition has been successfully held for 32 sessions so far, and it is recognized as the “authoritative brand exhibition” in the global industry.

The last exhibition hosted by China Printing Technology Association Screen Printing and Imaging Branch and Guangzhou Special Printing Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded in Guangzhou on November 21-23, 2018. The exhibition was unprecedented in scale and four exhibition halls were exhibited. The number of merchants reached 800, covering an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, of which international exhibitors reached 30%. The three-day exhibition has a total of 407,600 people from more than 130 countries and regions. The top 30 countries are: India, Bangladesh , Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Australia, USA, Turkey, Singapore, Pakistan, Argentina, Brunei, Ethiopia, Greece, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Mauritius, Nigeria.



If you have static problems, Anping Static can provide you with a complete set of static diagnosis + elimination proposals.


1, first help you to determine where there is static electricity, or specify the amount of static electricity in the location.


2. Select the appropriate product test according to your production process, equipment space structure, static elimination range, and static elimination requirements.


3. After the diagnosis and testing, submit a complete static electricity report.


4. Proposing reasonable suggestions for using and installing static eliminators.


5, To provide you with detailed static training and lectures.

       AP&T brand series products include ionizing air blower, ionizing air gun, ion bar, ion nozzle with various specifications are wildly used in semi conduct, encapsulation, opto-electrical, electronics, communication, spray finishing, printing, textile, pharmaceutical equipment, construction material, injection molding industries. Our products have good reputation of our users and have been exported to Japan, Korean, South East Asia, Europe , North and South America.


Looking forward to meet you at our booth.Have a good day! 



Our booth No.: N1 Hall - N1202



Date:October 30-November 1st, 2019 



Venue: N1-N2, Shanghai New International Expo Center