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2019 The 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition

 2019 The 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition

Exhibition time: 2019/11/25 to 2019/11/28

Exhibition Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center



The 19th Shanghai International Textile Industry Exhibition (ShanghaiTex 2019 Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition) is an excellent display platform to lead the future of textile and fashion trends, as well as technological innovation. Since 1984, it has been held in Shanghai every two years, bringing together the world's top technology in the textile industry, and is committed to exploring textile-related applications, cross-border technologies and designs, promoting the design and development of high-quality textiles, and enabling textile technology to give people a better life.

Range of exhibition:

Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing machinery

Digital printing machinery

Fiber manufacturing machinery

Knitting and hosiery machinery

Machinery and accessories for garment industry

Mechanical equipment for factory management

New materials, new technologies and new designs of knitwear

Nonwoven machinery and tufting machine

Textile application software

Textile and ready-to-wear parts

Spinning machinery

Industrial fabric technology and finished products

Instrumentation for testing and testing

Textile chemicals

Warp knitting machine, embroidery machine and weaving machine

Double twisting machine, winder and accessories


AP&T brand series products include ionizing air blower, ionizing air gun, ion bar, ion nozzle with various specifications are wildly used in semi conduct, encapsulation, opto-electrical, electronics, communication, spray finishing, printing, textile, pharmaceutical equipment, construction material, injection molding industries. Our products have good reputation of our users and have been exported to Japan, Korean, South East Asia, Europe , North and South America.



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Our booth No.: E3-B16



Date: 2019/11/25 to 2019/11/28


Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center