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AP-DC3203 Ionizing Air Nozzle

Installation & Operation
 AP-DC3203 Ionizing Air Nozzle

AP-DC3203 DC ionizing air nozzle is one of Shanghai Anping (AP&T®)static eliminator product series.

AP-DC3203 adopts DC low-voltage power supply and boosts voltage by piezoceramics transformer. It generates high frequency high voltage ionized air which contain plentiful well balanced positive and negative ion at high voltage emitter and transmits to surface of object by pressed air to remove dust and static.

It is wildly used in electronics、plastic、chemical、printing、opto-electrical industries.


1. Human oriented design:Small and light, hand feel and drape, flexible operating and reliable.

2. High frequency high voltage AC corona discharge:Generates vast well balanced positive and negative ion,High efficiency of dust and static removing

3.High safety:High voltage circuit and high voltage generator totally enclose inside the gun body so that put an end to electric shock caused by leakage

4.Pneumoelectric switch:No gas no high voltage output. High frequency high voltage output only generates when gas pass through thus extends the product life.

5. Malfunction alarm:Green light on indicates working order. Red light on indicates error



6. Match standard:This product matches EMC standard




Output voltage


Working voltage

High frequency AC2200V

Current consumption


Power consumption


Working distance


Dissipation speed

<1.0s(150mm from the front of the wind nozzle)

Ion balance

-15V~+15V(150mm from the front of the wind nozzle)

Operating temperature


Working humidity

30—70%RH(No water condensation)

Air pressure


Ion emission

High frequency AC

Odor content


Adapter power supply

IN:AC100V—240V 50Hz/60Hz;

OUT:DC24V 0.5A

Air source connector




Different types of nozzles, the size will be slightly different

Power Adapter:74.2*29.5*62.2mm

Power adapter power cord length:1.2m

Net weight


Power Adapter:71g

Power adapter power cord length:41.5g

Gross weight

362.5 g


Installation & Operation
 1. Insert the Ф6mm air tube into the air socket at the bottom of the gun body. Ensure the tube can not be pulled out.

2. Insert the power plug into the power socket. Ensure that clickety-click sound can be heard and the wire can not be pulled out. Then plug the adapter into the AC220 or AC110V power socket.

3. Turn on the compressed air valve. Air pressure should be less than 0.5Mpa. Optimal air pressure is 0.35Mpa.

4. Hold the gun and pre switch. Ionized air will be puffed out at the nozzle part. Green light on indicates dust and static remove available.

5.Aim the air outlet to the object surface at a distance from 150mm to 300mm.

6.Input air should be dry and clean.

7 Structures

 1 .Take off the air cap in front of the air nozzle and observe the head of the alloy electrode. Change the electrode when it becomes obtuse while not sharp to guarantee the effectiveness of the static removing.

2. Operator should stop using the nozzle when red light on. Air gun can only be reused after checked by professional technician.

3 .Air tube or socket should be changed promptly in case of leakage occurs to ensure the air pressure under normal condition.


(1) Be aware to read this user manual carefully before install and use this device.

(2) Do not locate this device in the environment with high moisture.

(3) Do not use this device in the flammable and explosive surrounding.

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