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AP-AC2454-A Ionizing Air Nozzle

Warranty and After Sales Service
 AP-AC2454-A ionizing air nozzle is one of the static eliminator products produced by Shanghai Anping (AP&T). It is a fast and high efficient device design for removing static on object surface.

AP-AC2454-A ionizing air nozzle applies the modern positive and negative ion interchange technology. It generates a symmetrical ion group on one electrode and transmits the ion to the object surface thus neutralize static by compressed air. It can eliminate the static on object surface efficiently and keep the remaining static at low level.


Product Feature

1、Small size and easy installation

2、Excellent electrical property data and good performance

3、Static eliminating while cleaning the surface dust

4、Safe and reliable working under high voltage and micro current

5、With AP-AC2455 series high voltage power supply

Industry Applications

Widely used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, plastics, films and printing industries





Input voltage

AC 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz (with external power adapter)

Working voltage




Working distance


Ion balance

   ≤ |±15V|(150mm from air nozzle)

Discharge speed

 ≤1.5S(150mm from air nozzle)


<65db (150mm from air nozzle)


 Compressed air

Air pressure

0.05 - 0.6MPA

Working temperature

 0°C - 50°C

Air connector

 ф8mm    (Customize available)

Cord length


Power generator




Net weight


Gross weight


 (1)Take off the air cap in front of the air nozzle and observe the head of the alloy electrode. Change the electrode when it becomes obtuse while not sharp to guarantee the effectiveness of the static removing.
(2)If the indication light keep off user should stop operating the device and ask for maintenance. Device can only be used when the generator is under normal condition. 
Warranty and After Sales Service
    (1)AP-AC2454-A ionizing air nozzle are strictly inspected before ex-work and match all the related technical standard indicated in this manual.

(2)AP&T PROMISE:Repair or change any damaged parts caused by quality reasons free of charge within one year from the date of purchase after we confirm the quality issue.

(3)Above promise is not fit for the following situation:Alternation of the device, wrongly used, incorrect installation, abasement, negligence, accidental damage, wrong input voltage, unpacking and repacking by user itself or maintain by other unauthorized service department.

(4)Shanghai Anping is free from any related responsibility of using the product.

   (1) User must install air filter for input air to guarantee the input air clean and dry and avoid the wet air get into the gun head thus cause short circuit in high voltage power generator.

(2) In order to guarantee the nozzle to work with good technical feature, user should clear the sediment on electrode sharp slightly with brush pen every 5-7 days under normal operation. (Must be done 10 minutes after power is switched off).

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