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DC2452-80C overhead ionizing blower

Product Feature
Installation And Operation
Warranty and After Sales Service
DC2452-80C overhead ionizing blower is one of the ionizing blower product series manufactured by Shanghai Anping Static Science&Technology Co.,Ltd., which is a reliable and high efficient device in providing static removing on object surface.
DC2452-80C overhead ionizing air blower applies the latest technology of ionization model in the world. Two independent positive and negative direct current generators with low current and high voltage are connected to two groups transmitting pole, generate both polarity ion and arrive the object surface where the static to be eliminated most equally. Eliminate static and control the remaining static under international standard.

(1) Be aware to read this user manual carefully before install and use this device.
(2) Do not locate this device in the environment with high moisture.
(3) Do not insert any object into air input entry and output exit.
(4) Do not use this device in the flammable and explosive surrounding.
(5) Internal maintenance and repairing must be done by professional engineers.

Product Feature
(1) Fit for remove static in large area.
(2) Three independent ion air sender with speed adjust function.
(3) Three sets of independent circuit and feedback device with good stability.

Model: AP-DC2452-80C
Working Voltage: DC12V
Input Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
Power: 25W
Discharge time: ≤3s(H 450mm to center, 1000V ~100V descent)
Ion Balancing: ≤ ±10V(match ESD STM3.1-2000;IEC 61340-5-1 standard)
Air volume(adjustable): 0 – 270 CFM
Noise: ≤ 45db(150mm to blower)
Ozone thickness: ≤0.01ppm (150mm to nozzle center)
Working temperature: 0°C - 50°C
Effective scope: 600mm×1200mm
Dimension and weight: 840*175*118mm(L*W*H)4.2kg
Installation And Operation
When using AP- DC2452 overhead ionizing air blower,the air transmitter should be vertical to the object which static to be removed. The trestle should be fixed on stable and plain surface such as wall by screw and nut.
AP- DC2452 overhead ionizing air blower should be put near working area or 300~900mm to the objective . By screw the knob on both side of the trestle the horizontal angle can be adjusted so that the optimal effect of static removing can be achieved.

1. Installation instruction:

1. Insert the power cord to the power socket at the back side of the blower
2. Switch on the power.
3. Air volume can be adjusted by screw the air volume knob.

2.  Operation

Switch on the 220V AC power,adjust the air speed knob to set the air speed. High speed makes the eliminating speed faster while low speed slower.


Warranty and After Sales Service
(1) AP- DC2452 overhead air blowers are strictly inspected before ex-work and match all the related technical standard indicated in this manual.
(2) AP&T PROMISE:Repair or change any damaged parts caused by quality reasons free of charge within one year from the date of purchase after we confirm the quality issue.
(3) Above promise is not fit for the following situation:Alternation of the device, wrongly used, incorrect installation, abasement, negligence, accidental damage, wrong input voltage, unpacking and repacking by user itself or maintain by other unauthorized service department.
(4) AP&T is free from any related responsibility of using the product except the parts specified here above.

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