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Space Ion Bar AP-DB1213 Static Elimination Application in FPC Industry

Sometimes customers will ask, the electrostatic protection of the whole process of producing components is very good, the grounding is connected, the anti-static equipment to be used is also used, and the purification level is also very high, why put a section Will it still suck after the time?

That is because the machine or the workshop that produces the wafers is equipped with an FFU high-efficiency filter. When the airflow rubs against the product, it generates static electricity. When the static electricity accumulates to a certain amount, it will absorb dust. Therefore, it is recommended to install a static eliminator without a gas source to ensure the dynamic balance of the entire space.

Component breakdown damage caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious electrostatic hazard in the electronics industry. It is divided into hard breakdown and soft breakdown.

Hard breakdown is a one-time breakdown of the component dielectric, burnout or permanent failure.

Soft breakdown causes component performance degradation or parameter degradation, which is difficult to detect before leaving the product and causes hidden dangers. So static elimination is critical to the electronics industry.

AP-DB1213 space ion bar
Used in electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor and other industries
The AP-DB1213 space ion bar is a rod type static elimination device developed by Anping Company to eliminate static electricity in clean space.

AP-DB1213 space ion bar uses DC high voltage power supply, adopts special alloy electrode, alternately acts on positive and negative DC electrode through positive and negative DC high voltage, generates corona discharge, ionizes air molecules, and produces a large number of positive and negative polarities. The air ions, the electrostatic charge existing in the neutral space, achieve the purpose of efficient and reliable maintenance of space electrostatic balance.